3000 Australian visas for the Pacific – FBC News

Australia’s new government is developing a Pacific Commitment Visa which will see 3,000 Pacific Islanders become permanent residents of Australia each year.

Foreign Secretary Penny Wong said proposals have been made for longer visas allowing seasonal workers to bring their families while working in Australia.

This visa will be granted for four years.

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“We will allow workers to bring their families and we will create the Pacific Commitment Visa to provide a pathway to permanent residency for 3,000 of our Pacific family members per year.”

Wong says the newly elected Australian government has also pledged more than $800,000 million to help Pacific island nations recover from the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We will deliver quality climate-resilient infrastructure and increase Australian overseas development assistance in the Pacific by A$525 million over the next four years as we work with you in disaster recovery. pandemic.”

Wong’s short visit comes just under a week ahead of Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi’s scheduled visit to Fiji.

Wong flew home yesterday and will leave for Australia this afternoon.

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