’90 Day Fiance ‘update: Karine Staehle admits she lied about allegations of sexual abuse

“90 day fiancé” Franchise stars Paul Staehle and Karine Martins have what many fans consider a troubling relationship. A little over a year ago, when Karine was pregnant with the couple’s second child, things took a turn for the worse. During a very chaotic season in the couple’s marriage, the two began to act erratically and irresponsibly. Many fans will remember the couple when they “broke up” while fighting for their eldest son, Pierre. The couple have been involved in arguments on several occasions which have resulted in police interference. At one point, the situation had escalated to the point that fans became very concerned for Karine, Pierre and the health of the couple’s unborn child. Why? Because Karine made some very serious allegations about her husband, Paul, which included physical and sexual abuse.

Now, a year later, the couple have taken to social media – as usual – to tell fans that all allegations of abuse, sexual or otherwise, are FALSE. Will the fans believe her now? Read on to get the shocking details.

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Language barriers and restrictive orders

In 2020, after a very public argument between TLC stars Paul Staehle and his wife, Karine, fans watched in wonder this relationship that seemed to go to hell in a hand basket. From the start, one of the main issues with these two was the language barrier. Paul, an American, spoke mainly English. Karine, meanwhile, is of Brazilian origin whose main language is Portuguese. The couple had such problems understanding each other at first that they hired a translator to help them communicate. In retrospect, both have since said that having a third-party translator often caused them problems because their intention and tone were often lost in the translation, resulting in explosive arguments.

During a particularly tumultuous time in their relationship, the couple broke up and then issued restraining orders on each other. During their break, both sides were constantly on social media, stimulating each other and laying accusations. Fans of the show weren’t sure who to believe or if all of this was really true.

Karine accuses Paul Staehle of domestic and sexual abuse

In August 2020, the couple was engaged in a domestic dispute which escalated to the point that Karine ended up calling the police. According to Blasting News, Paul recorded the entire event, stealthily, on his phone. Apparently, neither party at the scene was aware that he was broadcasting all the interaction on his Instagram, where fans were greatly disturbed by his erratic behavior. This post was quickly removed from Instagram.

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Shortly thereafter, Paul Staehle released a copy of the police report, apparently to gain sympathy from fans. This stunt, however, quickly exploded in her face when fans read in the police report that Karine had revealed to the police that she was the victim of sexual abuse. Then, Karine, 23, explained to the authorities that Paul had forced her to perform oral sex by forcing himself into her mouth. The report also told fans that it would escalate into full-blown non-consensual sex. The reality woman alleged that if she resisted or complained, Paul would throw things at her and make threats. She said Paul’s favorite threats were that he would get his green card revoked or take his child away from him. At that time, the couple had a son, Pierre, who was about a year old at the time.

The list of allegations continues

TLC Series Fans 90 day fiancé watched for weeks in horror as new information and allegations surfaced between this reality couple. In addition to the allegations of domestic and sexual abuse, Karine says that Paul Staehle had his entire residence under 24-hour video surveillance and that he constantly monitored his actions, forbidding him to leave the house. She also alleged that her husband restricted access to her own bank accounts, leaving her unable to manage or use her own funds, leaving her helpless and completely dependent on him.

Karine told fans and authorities that she was afraid of trying to return to Brazil – because she feared Paul would try to harm her and her son, directly or indirectly. Karine finally returned to Brazil unscathed.

A year later, despite alleged “divorce papers” and numerous back-and-forth allegations – the couple appear to have reconciled. They now have two sons, Pierre and Ethan, with whom Karine was pregnant during the latter part of this debacle. Karine’s choice to reconcile with Paul really shook her followers, especially after such heinous abuse allegations. However, it seems that his physical well-being was never in danger.

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Karine Staehle admits her fans’ allegations of sexual abuse were “false”

Almost a year later, Karine Staehle now returns to her allegations of abuse. The 90 day fiancé The franchise star took to Instagram yesterday to apologize to her husband and let fans know that the previous year’s allegations were a mistake. She says her husband did NOT rape or abuse her and that the whole situation was a confusion resulting from a poor choice of translator. Pop culture reports that Karine officially dropped abuse charges against Paul in September 2020 before moving to Brazil, however, this detail has not been made public.

In a short video story posted to Instagram on Saturday March 20, Karine said, “Hello everyone. I am here to apologize for the accusations against Paul, [they are] false. The translator who tried [to] help got me wrong and didn’t understand me because my english is not good ”,“ I’m really sorry. I’m sorry, Paul.

The video is no longer on the Instagram platform.

Paul shows his support for Karine on Instagram

While we may never know the full truth about what happened behind the scenes of this 90 day fiancé, the couple seem to be together and at least trying to work out their issues. Shortly after Karine’s initial Instagram post, retracting the sexual abuse allegations on Saturday, Paul also posted several Instagram posts.

In a lengthy text, posted as a story on Instagram, Paul explains to fans that the allegations against him were not Karine’s fault – that she was working with an “uncertified” translator at the time who did not. didn’t understand what was being said. He alleges that the “translator” tried to abort Karine and that false accusations were brought against him.

The message then goes in a totally different direction – He then says that the accusations of sexual abuse were a creation of the “fan” who acted as Karine’s translator. The “fan / translator” allegedly filed false police reports in Karine’s name and tried to have him killed because she wanted to help Karine “get rid of him for good”.

Paul also included a second message on Saturday. This fundamentally thanks Karine for being a great mother to their children. He says he doesn’t blame her for “past events” and that he will strive daily to understand her better.

Instagram post by Paul Staehle
Photo credit: Instagram | Paul staehle

Will fans accept this new information?

Honestly, it could go both ways. Fans tend to side with Paul or Karine, although there are many who feel that neither of them is trustworthy. The editing of shows and Paul’s incessant messages on social networks regularly explode their fights. They appear to be life and death / larger than life. This made many viewers feel very disconnected from them. In addition, fans have become very suspicious of the information presented by Karine and Paul, as their statements are constantly changing. This abjuration included. Paul also admitted that he suffered from what he calls “social media addiction”. This seems to explain his constant need to share, amplify, and involve strangers in every marriage issue via social media. Viewers are hoping they are doing as well now as they say they are.

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