Air transport chaos in European countries will continue until autumn

The chaos caused by air transport is expected to continue during the autumn season, especially in European countries, due to significant labor shortages as well as strikes which continue to affect the operations of major airlines. as well as airports.

Among the most notable disruptions were reported in Spain, where Ryanair staff have planned weekly strikes for the rest of the year, running from August 15 to January 7, 2023, reports

At the same time, Portuguese authorities have also called on passengers to avoid traveling as they may experience flight delays or cancellations.

The call came after at the end of this month civil aviation workers from the Union of Civil Aviation Workers of Portugal (SNTAC) as well as commercial aviation personnel (SQAC), as well as the Commercial Aviation Staff Union, stressed that they were planning industrial action for a period between August 19 and August 21.

In addition, the Portuguese Aviation Union has also pointed out that it would be wise not to fly to Portugal on the dates mentioned above.

“Only by doing this [the strike] can we achieve what the company has been missing for a long time: social stability, respect for the rights of workers and, fundamentally, of people? unions have pointed out in this regard.

Irish airline Ryanair CEO Michael O’Leary recently said there would be no more €10 ($10.33) flights, stressing that the era of super cheap travel is over.

“We think €40 needs to evolve to maybe €50 over the next five years. So maybe the average fare of £35 in the UK will drop to £42 or £43,” he underlined.

Airlines in countries around the world have suspended more than 25,000 flights of their scheduled August flights, around 60% of them in European countries.

The rise in the number of flight cancellations comes after staff shortages and other shortages and problems with airports in Europe.

According to recent data provided by Cirium reveals that Europe is the most affected area. So far, a total of 15,788 flights due to fly in August have been canceled in Europe.

Authorities in European countries previously imposed strict entry rules and other restrictions to contain the spread of the coronavirus and its new variants; however, these preventive measures have profoundly affected many sectors, resulting in significant financial losses, especially in the travel and tourism sector.

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