All eligible foreign citizens can apply for an Indian visa through the simplified e-visa application method.

Foreigners who were planning to visit India can now easily apply for an Indian e-visa, with the help of They can complete the entire visa application in minutes using their mobile phone or computer. People applying for the Indian e-Visa must have a valid passport and they must also have a credit or debit card to apply.

What is the reference name on Indian visa

When applicants apply for an Indian visa, they must put their references on the application form. Indian immigration has many different requirements for its immigrants when they come to India. For example, it is mandatory for them to know with whom they will be staying and keeping in touch. Applicants are also required to provide the name of a reference in their home country, in addition to the reference in India. They must also provide the number and address of someone you know personally. If you are visiting India, one of your family members or friends can act as a reference for your Indian visa application.

How to renew an Indian visa

Indian Visa Online cannot be renewed. The process is simple and quick to apply for a new Indian visa online. Once issued, you cannot transfer, cancel or modify the visa that was issued online by the Embassy of India. Applying for Indian Visa online is a simple process. Most nationalities can easily apply online with a few basic details like personal information, passport information and method of payment. Applicants do not need to visit the Embassy or High Commission at any stage of the process. Applicants can enter India by air and sea. They are not allowed to enter by road or train with this type of visa

India transit visa

Indian visa regulations require that all non-visa-exempt travellers, transiting through an Indian airport for a period longer than 24 hours, must apply for a transit visa. Applicants can get India Transit Visa easily and quickly by filling an online application form through It can take as little as 3 days for the request to be processed.

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