Australia visa for global tech talent attracts 9,584 migrants

Australia’s Global Talent Visa program attracted 9,584 migrants in the year 2020-2021, as the government aims to attract talent to help the country recover from COVID-19 and boost economic growth.

In the country’s latest migration program report, he details that out of 160,052 places, 79,620 have been allocated to the skills component, which is designed to improve the economy’s productive capacity and fill skills shortages in the labor market. One of the visa categories in the Skill component is the Global Talent Program, which obtained 9,584 places, or 12% of the component.

The industry with the most applications was Digitech with 34% of visas, which includes roles like cloud computing, machine learning, cybersecurity and quantum computing. Next are healthcare industries at 23%, energy at 17%, and financial services and fintech at 12%, which offer roles in computational biochemistry, digital health, resource robotics and blockchain. .

Of the 9,584 places, 7,375 requests came from migrants already in Australia, while 2,209 came from outside the country. The majority of places where candidates intended to stay were in New South Wales (3,845), Victoria (2,418), Queensland (1,465) and Western Australia (852).

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“Offering a full 160,052-seat program involved tapping into the pool of candidates on land due to global restrictions related to COVID-19. It has been very successful given the difficult circumstances this year, ”said Alex Hawke, Minister of Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs.

“We will continue to prioritize skilled visas that drive economic growth, job creation and investment in Australia,” he added.

To be invited for a visa in the Global Talent Program, applicants must be highly qualified in one of the 10 target industries and able to attract a salary of $ 158,500 (£ 84,275) or more. They must also prove that they are internationally recognized with evidence of outstanding achievement, provide proof that they would be an asset to Australia and that an organization or individual recognized in the country names them as a global talent.

For the migration program as a whole, the main countries of origin of migrants in 2021-2021 were China (22,207 places), India (21,791 places) and the United Kingdom (12,703 places).

Over the coming year, the migration program will have a planning level of 160,000 places and applicants will be able to switch places in the skills stream to provide flexibility to support Australia’s response to management. of COVID-19.

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