B2B payments today: Coast, Caary, Apollo

Today, in B2B payments, Coast talks about fleet card innovation and CAARY is integrating small business insurance from APOLLO. In addition, Züm Rails discusses the mix of payment rails for B2B payments, Investec is launching a professional account service and Klasha facilitates the acceptance of cross-border funds.

Fuel cards fill up for the future of fleet payments

Help CFOs adopt the rail payment mix

From EFT to Visa Direct, having a choice of how B2B payments are made is essential for a better business experience. Yet optimizing B2B transactions through a variety of payment rails and services isn’t just about how technology moves funds. Züm Rails co-founder Miles Schwartz explains how data and security must also be taken into account in the railway payment mix.

APOLLO, CAARY Partner in SME digital insurance

Investec Launches First Day-To-Day Business Account

Banking and wealth management group Investec launched its first daily business bank account in what a Reuters article on Wednesday, July 14 described as “a push to attract clients from over 100,000 mid-sized businesses in Africa. from South “. The company said it offers the account to companies that are at least three years old and have annual revenue of Rand 30 million, or $ 2.1 million. These companies could see themselves as “too small for a specialist lender like Investec” in a market dominated by South Africa’s four largest banks, according to the Reuters report.

Klasha’s new ties allow companies to accept cross-border funds

Fintech company Klasha has deployed a codeless method for B2B and B2C merchants, among others, to accept payments. The Klasha payment link allows African customers to pay from international businesses, which do not need to have an app, website or coding knowledge to accept these payments, according to an announcement on Wednesday, July 14. “We are excited to launch this feature for offline and online businesses and independent merchants to accept payments from Africa without having to worry about onboarding processes, writing code or even owning a website, ”Klasha CEO Jess Anuna said in the announcement.



About the study: UK consumers see local purchases as essential for both supporting the economy and preserving the environment, but many local High Street businesses are struggling to get them in. In the new Making Loyalty Work For Small Businesses study, PYMNTS surveys 1,115 UK consumers to find out how offering personalized loyalty programs can help engage new High Street shoppers.

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