Canadian visa comes a day after Haryana student kills himself due to being late

Trigger Warning: The following article contains sensitive information that may be traumatic/offensive/disturbing to certain audiences.

In a shocking incident, a 23-year-old student from Kurukshetra, Haryana ended his life by jumping into the Narwana side channel over the alleged delay in obtaining a visa for Canada . However, his visa arrived home a day after he took the extreme step.

The student disappeared on Wednesday and his body was found floating in the canal on Friday. The tragedy is that the visa had arrived on Thursday but could not be told because he had disappeared, probably already dead by then, said a family friend.

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Upset that his friend got a visa he didn’t

Police suspect the man – identified as Vikesh Saini alias Deepak from Gorkha village in Shahbad sub-division – jumped into the canal near Jansa town, because he was upset as his friend had already gotten his student visa when he had not done so.

Vikesh had just finished his studies and wanted to go to Canada to continue his studies. Later, he also wanted to move to the foreign country for a better life. He is survived by three siblings – one brother and two sisters – in addition to his parents. His father has a government job, we learn. Immediate family could not speak.

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House (Jhansa) station agent Rajpal Singh said Vikesh left his home on the night of August 17. His family members and the police began searching for him the following day, and his relatives found his motorbike and slippers on the bank of the canal. The body was released to family members on Saturday after an autopsy.

Many Punjab students rejected

The suicide comes just days after it was reported that a substantial percentage of applications from Punjab students to study abroad were being rejected. According a report in the Dainik Bhaskarimportant motives for this include fraudulent bank statements and birth certificates, false documents regarding the academic gap, and distrust of foreign officials.

In 2020-21, the Australian Department of Home Affairs uncovered over 600 cases involving Punjab and Haryana in which false documents were used to obtain study visas for Australia.

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The waiting time for the visa is getting longer

In addition, it is reported that recently visa nomination, application and processing is taking a long time for Canada and other countries as well, such as USA, UK and Schengen states.

According to the Government of Canada website, Canada currently has a visitor visa wait time of 158 days. The website also states: “This processing time does not include the time it takes to send an application between a visa application center and our office and the time you need to provide your biometrics.”

Statement from the Canadian High Commission

Addressing the issue on Thursday, the Canadian High Commission said it was working to reduce the long wait time for visas.

“We understand your frustration and disappointment and want to assure you that we are working to improve the situation. In fact, we have been processing applications throughout the year, including study permits for September 2022 admission. “, said the HC in a series. of tweets.

Stating that several thousand students in India receive their visas every week, the Canadian HC affirmed that it will continue to do its utmost to reduce waiting times in the face of an unprecedented volume of applications received.

He also asked students who are still awaiting the outcome of their visa application at this stage to contact their designated learning institution in Canada to discuss options if they cannot arrive in time for the start of classes.

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