Chinese virologist Li-Meng Yan insists coronavirus was created in Wuhan lab

Chinese virologist Li Meng Yan, currently in the United States after fleeing your country in April 2020, reiterated that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory in Wuhan, the city where the first case of the virus appeared, which in a few months has spread across the world.

“The virus came from a laboratory in Wuhan,” insisted the specialist who left China after investigating COVID-19 at the request of health authorities, she said.

The virologist worked at the Hong Kong University of Public Health.

In a new interview with the journalist Tucker carlson, from the American channel Fox News, the expert said that the virus “it was made by the army based on modified bat viruses and then spread after being modified ”.

Li-Meng Yan first filed the same complaint last July with the same North American network.

The Chinese virologist said she started studying the virus in December 2019 in Hong Kong.

And he recounted: on that date “I was secretly hired by my supervisor, the virologist Leo Poon, who is working with the World Health Organization (WHO) for this secret investigation into Wuhan pneumonia”.

“Soon my work involved doctors, Chinese researchers, and even the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Also civilians gathering information, combined with my knowledge. I finally found out that this virus came from a lab», He indicated.

Li-Meng Yan, virologist

I finally found out that this virus came from a lab

The Chinese government has always denied that the coronavirus was created in one of its laboratories. The first case of the virus was reported in a market in Wuhan city, capital of the country’s central Hubei province.

What he said about his research

In his statements to Fox NewsThe virologist recalled that the laboratory where she worked had to monitor and report any type of emergency to the WHO and said: “When the epidemic comes out, some kind of information has arrived. Hong Kong and the WHO needed to seek information and could not get it from official sources ”.

“Yes I am the researcher sent by them to do this research“He added.

The expert said her manager had warned her not to ask too many questions. “He told me not to touch the red lines, that is, the invisible principles, otherwise I would be responsible”.

Yan arrived in the United States last April on a two-year visa. In her new statements on the origin of the coronavirus, she claimed that her husband was trying at all costs to prevent her from fleeing his country and even claimed that her life was in danger because of her complaints.

The University of Hong Kong denied their complaints.

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