Dutch and Portuguese citizens can now receive an e-Visa from home via Canada Visa Online

Applying for a Canadian visa via www.canada-visa-online.org offers a complete online visa application process. By choosing this visa application method, applicants can complete the whole application process from anywhere and anytime according to their choice.

Canada Visa Online is a mandatory electronic travel document for all foreign citizens wishing to enter Canada. It allows people from eligible foreign countries to visit Canada for different purposes such as tourism, transit or business visits.

Canadian visa for Dutch citizens

The Canadian visa for the Netherlands is not optional but mandatory. All Dutch citizens must have a Canada e-Visa if they wish to enter Canada for any purpose. Canada Visa Online allows Dutch citizens to stay in Canada continuously for 90 days. Dutch citizens can only use this e-Visa to enter the country by air. www.canada-visa-online.org is the best choice for them to easily get the e-Visa without much effort. Applicants can easily complete the application form, upload the necessary documents, pay the application fee and receive the e-Visa by email. All of these processes are completely web-based; thus, there is no need to go to the embassy or any other office.

Canadian visa for Portuguese citizens

Citizens of Portugal and all other eligible countries can enjoy fast entry using the eTA Canada program. All Portuguese citizens over the age of 18 can apply for a Canadian e-Visa via www.canada-visa-online.org. The simplified, secure and fast visa application process offered by this website will benefit applicants in many ways. Like Dutch citizens, Portuguese citizens can also stay in Canada for up to 90 days using the Canada e-Visa. The long-term e-Visa Canada with a validity of five years as well as the possibility of multiple entries offers many advantages to people who wish to enter Canada more than once.

Full details of all stages of the Canada e-Visa application are provided at www.canada-visa-online.org. Many other details such as eligibility criteria and requirements are also available there. Apart from the simplified and fast Canada Visa Application Online application process also offers many other security features. A helpdesk (24/7 customer support and assistance) is available for people who have problems with the e-Visa application. By choosing the online visa application method via www.canada-visa-online.org, the applicant is also eligible for a service refund for rejected e-Visas.

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