Finland abolishes all COVID-19 travel restrictions for third country citizens

Third-country nationals planning to enter Finland will no longer be required to present valid proof proving that they have fully completed the coronavirus vaccination process, a negative COVID-19 test result or have undergone a testing process upon arrival in the northern European country after the government announced it would eventually abolish the requirement.

The decision that will ease the travel process for passengers outside the European Union and the Schengen zone was confirmed in a statement issued by the Finnish government, while stressing that the new changes will come into effect on June 30, reports

The new rules were introduced after the Finnish health authorities ensured that the country’s epidemiological situation allowed such a decision to be taken while stressing that there was no longer a health reason to maintain restrictions at the country’s external borders. .

The Finnish authorities believe that the removal of these restrictions imposed to contain the spread of the coronavirus and its new variants will lead to an increase in the number of passenger arrivals from countries outside the EU and the Schengen area.

“Removing the restrictions is expected to increase traffic from third countries. For example, traffic on the eastern border could increase. Traffic volumes are affected by, among other things, the desire of Russians to travel and the number of valid visas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs issues visas for Finland,” reads the statement issued by the Finnish government.

In January this year, the Finnish government announced that it had lifted internal border controls introduced due to COVID-19 for all arrivals from European Union member states.

The decision was confirmed by a statement issued by the Finnish Foreign Ministry and came into effect on January 31. At the time, the same ministry stressed that the country’s external border controls imposed on arrivals from third countries would remain in place.

According to figures provided by the World Health Organization (WHO), a total of 1,125,342 people have tested positive for coronavirus in Finland since the start of the outbreak, while a total of 4,771 people have lost their lives to the virus.

Figures provided by WHO show that as of June 5, 11,833,690 doses of the vaccine have been administered in Finland.

However, despite these figures, the Finnish authorities considered that the epidemiological situation made it possible to ease the restrictions in order to further facilitate the travel process and help the country recover from the damage caused by the virus.

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