India: “Healing Through India” Initiative: Government Prepares Comprehensive Online Registry of Indian Healthcare Workers

To project India as a global source in the healthcare sector, the Center is developing an online repository of all categories of healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses and pharmacists which also mentions the country where they wish to render their services.

The portal, developed by the National Health Authority (NHA) under the Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission (ABDM) under the government’s “Heal by India” initiative, is expected to be launched on August 15, it said. official sources to PTI.

It will be voluntary for all healthcare professionals to provide their information to the portal and every measure is taken to ensure data security. The personal information provided will be authenticated by the UIDAI while the registration details will be verified by the respective councils, the sources said.

“The portal will be ready by June 15, after which healthcare professionals can register.

“They will be given the opportunity to mention their preferred country where they wish to work, languages ​​they know, visa, country-specific qualifying exam details in addition to their usual background information,” an official said.

This will allow for a seamless experience for those accessing this information on the portal, the official added.

Healthcare professionals who can register on the portal include practitioners of modern medicine as well as the traditional medicine system, dentists, nurses, pharmacists and 56 categories of allied health professionals.

NHA has already started collecting data on medical professionals in collaboration with various regulatory bodies such as National Medical Commission, Dental Council of India, National Commission of Indian System of Medicine, National Commission of Homeopathy, Indian Council of Nursing, Indian Council of Pharmacy and National Commission. for the paramedical and health professions.

A health professional registry for physicians from all drug systems and nurses developed by the NHA is already in place. So far, 32,059 doctors and 3,527 nurses have registered and among them, the references of 15,531 doctors and 687 nurses have been checked. Data for this registry will also come from the new portal, the official said.

“Once the portal goes live, external stakeholders such as patients and recruiters from India or abroad will be able to search for a required professional based on specialty or system of medicine, known languages ​​and country in which they prefer to work. “, said the official. PTI.

According to another official, despite recent efforts at standardized quantification, information on India’s diverse health workforce is fragmented and unreliable.

There is currently no comprehensive official source of health workforce data covering all categories of related professionals in the country, the official said.

Information on certain categories of professionals only is currently kept.

“For example, doctors have specialist boards at state and national levels that govern these professionals and therefore keep data only related to these professionals but not to community health workers,” the official said.

Moreover, the manner in which these registers, both in terms of digital systems and processes, vary widely, he said.

The official said the portal being developed under the ABDM will promote global visibility of Indian healthcare professionals and the services they provide.

It will also serve as a bridge between Indian health professionals and external stakeholders in need of health services, the official added.

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