Katie Hopins faces deportation appeal as Australia revises visa after quarantine contempt

AUSTRALIA is examining the visa of British right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins, who has bragged in detail about breaking hotel quarantine rules on social media.

Home Secretary Karen Andrews has asked the country’s Border Force to conduct the review after Ms Hopkins told Instagram followers she tried to flout restrictions at her hotel by replying to her door naked and without a face mask.

The media personality is in quarantine at a Sydney hotel ahead of a now canceled role in the upcoming season of Big Brother, broadcast by the Australian Seven Network and is bragging about having been able to be kicked out of the country thanks to his plan to break the rules.

Thousands of Australians cannot return home due to the reduction in flight caps under the country’s Covid-19 restrictions.

Currently, amid concerns over the Delta variant, Australia is enforcing a limit on international arrivals entering the country. The current weekly intake in the states and territories stands at 3,070, with a revision scheduled for the end of August.

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The former Apprentice star has already been banned from the next season of Australia’s Big Brother VIP after admitting to deliberately disobeying strict hotel quarantine rules.

Hopkins, 46, broadcast a video of herself live from what she claimed to be a hotel room in Sydney on Saturday morning, describing the Covid-19 lockdowns as “the biggest hoax in the history of the world. ‘humanity’ while joking about elaborate plans to break quarantine rules.

The 28-minute video, initially streamed live on Instagram, then uploaded to YouTube and deleted.

The former Apprentice star turned far-right commentator arrived in Australia this week and was immediately quarantined at a government-mandated hotel.

She told her subscribers that she found ways to enter Australia and other countries… and she claimed that she tried to flout the restrictions in her hotel by answering her door naked and without a mask. facial.

She said Sydney was ‘locked to death’ and had to have three meals a day brought to the door and had to adhere to strict collection rules.

“I was very serious by the policeman who registered me told me that when they knock on my door, I have to wait 30 seconds before I can open the door.

“I can open the door but only with a face mask” So what I did is so sad it’s what I always kept to myself in the past so I waited around the corner In my bathroom.

“I waited, as someone knocks on the door, I try to reach the door opening it and scaring them and making him naked without a face mask and I want the sergeant in the hall to come and reprimand me. So that I can stand that they can while he berates me. So this is a game I play. ”

She added, “So my other thing is when I’m locked up and told that I can’t do something, as you know, it makes me want to do it more.

“So I have all these naughty thoughts because I was put in captivity here.

“So my next shot. I’ve got some olive oil… I’m going to rub myself in baby oil. I’m going to do a streak in the hallway and when they come and catch up with me, I’m ‘I’m gonna be really. very oily. I’m going to be like a streaker on a football field but much better, because I’m going to be on the 28th floor of this building. “And then they are going to have to hang around I go back to my room at my feet.

“So that’s my other plan.

“I’m probably going to be kicked out of the country, but frankly my darlings, if this isn’t the time to put in baby oil, when will it be.”

She said she was constantly asked how she got into the country.

“There are some things that I really want to be very, very, very clear about that. And I can’t really help you because the way I got here has to do with what I have in my passport. , and that’s just been a 20-year-old sucker-mouthed cow and online reporter for The Mail and everything, so that’s part of the reason I managed to get here.

“The other reason is that the same time I went to America the British were not allowed to go to America, when I went to Germany the British were not allowed to enter Germany. you know i honestly say b * **** ks to the rules, but i don’t have a method for sharing this with anybody else.

“I just don’t have a route for anyone else to follow.

“What I specifically want to say about this is I think it’s fucking. I think it’s fucking that I can be here, and you can’t. I think it’s fucking * ** It is for families who need to visit relatives here whether they are dying or not.

“I know a mother who couldn’t come back with her own baby.

“So I’m fucking here, and you can’t.

“And I’ve always called that since the start of this 20 months ago, 24 months ago or whatever I was called at the time to say it, the lockdown is and remains the biggest. hoax in the history of mankind.

“And the fact that I’m here, it’s like, I’m not a VIP, obviously, but these VIPs who made the euros and that’s how it is, it’s the same thing.

HeraldScotland: Katie Hopkins is no stranger to controversy

“These Euro VIPs is still the same shit and I hope to be part of the call while I’m here and take the punishment of 14 days locked in this room.

“Now clearly this is very pretty, I have a window. I have oranges in a bowl, my darlings are watching, would you like to watch them, hate those damn oranges …”

The Seven Network in Australia has confirmed that Ms Hopkins is no longer attached to the Big Brother VIP show.

“Seven and Endemol Shine strongly condemn his irresponsible and reckless comments in hotel quarantine,” a company spokesperson said in a statement.

Home Secretary Karen Andrews confirmed in a statement that Ms Hopkin’s case is under review.

“It is despicable that anyone behaves in a way that endangers our health officials and our community,” she said.

“I have asked the Australian Border Force to immediately review the facts of this case and urgently examine whether this person is meeting their visa requirements.”

Health Minister Greg Hunt said Ms Hopkins’ border exemption came at the request of the Seven Network and did not count towards the current arrivals cap.

He called Ms Hopkins’ alleged actions “dangerous, irresponsible and apparently deliberate”.

“Right now, in my opinion, if the facts are true of deliberately exposing someone to potential contact with someone who has not completed quarantine, then the strongest action should be taken.” , did he declare.

“If the stories are correct, instead of Big Brother watching Katie Hopkins, Katie Hopkins should be watching Big Brother from a very, very far distance.”

Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce said he had no problem deporting Ms Hopkins if it was found that she had broken infection control rules.

“I’m the one who wanted to send Johnny Depp’s dog home, so I have no problem sending someone home who wants to break our laws,” he told ABC.

“If you want to do that, pack your bongo and get out of the country!”

The Australian Muslim Advocacy Network wrote to the Prime Minister and Home Secretary asking if a character test had been taken before she was granted a visa.

“The decision to allow Katie Hopkins to enter Australia for public use is very controversial and should have triggered a serious personality assessment,” wrote lawyer Rita Jabri-Markwell.

Ms Hopkins and LBC have agreed that she will quit her radio station with immediate effect in 2017 after using the term ‘final solution’ in response to the Manchester Arena bombing.

She also compared migrants to cockroaches and said people with dementia should not “block hospital beds”.

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