KT Rama Rao urges Australia to consider Hyderabad for consul general’s office

Posted: Posted Date – 9:34 PM, Mon – 30 May 22

Hyderabad: IT and Industry Minister KT Rama Rao has urged the Australian government to consider opening a consul general’s office in Hyderabad. This will further strengthen the trade, educational and travel relationship between Hyderabad and Australia, he said.

The US Consul General in Hyderabad issues the highest number of visas worldwide and not just in India. In fact, student visas in the USA are the highest since Hyderabad. The UK is not far behind, Rama Rao said, arguing for Australia to move its consul general to Hyderabad.

“Hyderabad is the best city in South India. It’s not me saying this, but global consultancy firm Mercer has ranked Hyderabad as the number one city, not only in South India, but in the whole country for consecutive years,” he said.

Speaking at an event to launch ‘An Indian Economic Strategy Update to 2035: Navigating from Potential to Realization’ hosted by the Australian Consulate General in Chennai on Monday in Hyderabad, Rama Rao suggested Australia also engage individually with states, not just New Delhi, while investing.

“When it comes to doing business in India, the experience changes depending on which gateway an Australian company chooses to enter India. For example, if they chose Hyderabad, their experience would be different than entering another state. India is a union of states and each state has its own forces. Land, water, electricity and other infra as well as day-to-day affairs are managed by the respective states. For example, our sister state AP has a huge coastline, which Telangana does not have. Thus, each State will camp on its strengths. When we launched our industrial policy, we kept in mind the apprehensions of the international investment community,” he said.

Around 19,000 applications with an investment commitment of around Rs 2.7 lakh crore and direct employment potential of 16 lakh were processed through the TS-iPASS one-stop clearance system. About 24% of these investments were repeat investments. Telangana has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with King’s College London regarding the pharmaceutical university project in Hyderabad Pharma City, which the state is about to launch on approximately 19,000 acres, the largest cluster of pharmaceutical manufacturing in the world. . This will involve exploring collaborative research projects, staff and student exchanges, as well as program development and upskilling, he said, adding that life sciences are the area of ​​focus. of Telangana, because Hyderabad manufactures a third of the human vaccines produced in the world.

Hyderabad can be an ideal hub for Australian businesses. Telangana will explore two-way interactions in startups, universities, education and other fields, he said.

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