Kumba Store is a specialized e-commerce site that ticked most of the boxes


Before 2020, e-commerce was a dream that was just beyond the horizon in Zimbabwe. Many still preferred to shop the traditional way, going to a physical point of sale and picking up whatever they wanted to buy. Now that doesn’t mean that there are those who wanted to shop remotely but the concept was only (to my knowledge) popular when it came to fast food deliveries. This natural order has changed over the past year. Businesses are now looking to take advantage of digital channels because customers have been conditioned (to one degree or another) by the pandemic to search for goods and services online. This spring of ecommerce has led to a number of websites that are in the Shopify mold with a local twist. And there is yet another entry into the e-commerce market through Kumba Store.

People from Kumba Store come out loud from the door

It’s odd to start the section with a downside, however, it’s worth mentioning that Kumba only serves Harare. But that’s the only flaw I could find as they seem to have everything else checked. The market, at present, is focused on cosmetics, skin care, alcohol, and personal care products, but it intends to continually add new categories throughout the market. year.

There is no registration fee, but the store does offer a few subscription packages:

  • Silver subscription – US $ 80 / year
  • Gold Membership – US $ 150 / per year

The packages will cover things like local currency payment integrations via EcoCash and bank transfers, as well as USD payments via PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard. Sellers can still collect cash on delivery if their customer wishes. Kumba Store also has a logistics or fulfillment partner through Rocket Delivery and the service charge is $ 3.00 for locations in the East Harare area.

Sellers, like most ecommerce sites, will get analysis and trends in sales, inventory management, logistics as well as order tracking. Kumba Store is also looking to deepen ties with local businesses and plans to roll out a loan facility in the not too distant future. For the safety of customers and suppliers, the Kumba Store team uses secure web hosting services from Amazon.

Hoping that the people of Kumba will soon extend their services to other parts of Zimbabwe very soon. You can check the store by yourself with the link here

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ZimSwitch’s V-payments were a good innovation for the time, but there was too much friction to make it viable at the time. As e-commerce progresses, local businesses need seamless innovation that makes it easier for customers to pay online with their ZWL $ cards.

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