Long-term visa holders optimistic as US lifts travel restrictions

Hyderabad: After the United States lifted pandemic restrictions and opened its borders to international travelers on Monday, travel agents are receiving an extremely high number of queries about flight services and ticket prices. People who intend to travel on short-term visas are cautious due to high ticket prices and uncertainty over pandemic restrictions, while others for emergency reasons are rushing to book tickets.

While those who have been held up in India due to the restrictions wish to return to the United States, issues such as visa window delays could mean that many students will have to wait until June. However, short-term visa holders plan to travel, although many only prioritize in an emergency. “A lot of seniors and short-term visa holders are rushing to book tickets to the United States now. But this time around, we’re not seeing bookings from students who would typically visit India around Christmas every year, ”said Fathima, a representative of a travel agency in the city.

However, there is a high demand for air tickets from students who have already obtained visas, unlike the usual routine of Indians who return to Hyderabad for the holiday season every year. “Overall, the mood is optimistic among long-term visa holders such as students and employees with the restrictions lifted. While some students have already started their courses online, a majority of students have been waiting for visa slots, ”said a representative from a city-based immigration consultancy. Some students are even planning to take a year off due to pandemic restrictions, he added.

Facebook live session today on visa processing

Amid concerns about visa processing among applicants after the US borders open, the US mission in India is hosting a live Facebook session on Wednesday. “The US Mission to India invites all visa applicants to join a live Facebook session hosted by our Minister of Consular Affairs Don Heflin,” the official US Embassy in New York Twitter account said. Delhi.

Visa applicants can attend the session Wednesday at 4 p.m. on the US Embassy in India Facebook page. “Heflin will discuss the current state of operation and visa processing in consular sections across India and answer questions from our live audience,” the tweet added.

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