Newland Chase | UK provides further guidance on Ukraine Family Scheme Visa

March 4, 2022

The Home Office has issued additional guidance for family members of UK nationals, people settled in the UK (including those with indefinite residence and settlement status) and certain other people to come or stay in the UK under the Ukraine Family Scheme, which is available here.

An expanded group of family members of eligible settled persons who “resided in Ukraine before January 1, 2022” can now apply for the Ukraine Family Scheme visa. This also includes those who have left Ukraine since the start of the conflict. The definition of family member now includes:

Immediate family members:

  • spouse or civil partner
  • unmarried partner (you must have been living together for at least two years)
  • child under 18
  • parent (if you are under 18)
  • proposed fiancé(e) or civil partner

Extended family members:

  • parent (if sponsor is over 18)
  • child over 18
  • Grand parent
  • grandchild or grandchild of your partner
  • brother or sister

Immediate family members of an extended family member:

  • spouse or civil partner of an extended family member
  • child under 18 of an extended family member
  • parent of a child under 18 who is an extended family member
  • proposed fiancé or civil partner of an extended family member

There is no charge for this visa itinerary, which can be requested online. The visa will last up to 3 years.

Visa application process

Applicants will need to have their photograph and fingerprints taken at a Visa Application Center (VAC) as part of the application process. Children under 5 will not have their fingerprints but will still need to come to the VAC and have a digital photo taken.

They will need to submit their passport to be scanned or explain that they are unable to provide it.

The VAC in Kyiv is closed and all UK visa services in Kyiv are suspended.

There are temporary VACs for people applying for the Ukrainian family regime in:

  • the Lemberg business center in Lviv, Ukraine
  • Rzeszow, Poland

Ukrainians can apply to a VAC in any country if they are able to travel safely. We expect guidance on how to apply for the program from the UK to be released shortly.

Please also note the 24/7 Ukrainian helpline, now free: +44(0)808 164 8810

People affected by these developments are encouraged to contact their Newland Chase immigration specialist for advice on a case-by-case basis.

For general advice and information on UK immigration and business travel, please Contact us.

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