Newly Conferred Australian Citizen Shares Tips for Passing the Citizenship Test

Strong points
  • The test assesses your English skills and what you know about Australia and Australian citizenship.
  • Most applicants for citizenship by grant between the ages of 18 and 59 will need to attend an interview and take the citizenship test.
  • To pass the test, you must answer 20 multiple-choice questions, answer 5 Australian values ​​questions correctly, and achieve an overall mark of at least 75%.

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“Nothing to worry about as long as you read about the exam and review,” said Jon Lomosco, a civil engineer from Melbourne, as he recently completed the Australian citizenship test.

2017 when he arrived in Australia as a permanent resident via the Qualified Independent Visa Subclass 189.

jon 3.jpg

Jon Lomosco is proud to have achieved his goal of becoming an Australian citizen.

According to being a permanent resident is one of the requirements to apply for Australian citizenship apart from the test and interview.

February 2021 when Jon applied for citizenship after his four-year stay in the country, but the citizenship nomination came after more than a year.
“Anxious because it’s been over a year and there’s no update and I’m hearing stories from other states that are only a few months old and they got the nomination confirmed,” Jon said.
It was April 2022 when he received the appointment letter stating the date of his interview and citizenship test in May of the same year.

Here are some tips he wants to share:

  • Read sample questions and learn about Australia and its values.
  • There are a number of materials and reviewers available online about the citizenship test.
  • Arrive early or at the exact time of your appointment and bring your appointment letter for verification.
  • Bring the necessary or requested original documents that are detailed on the letter you received.
  • The first part is the interview where you will be assessed on your eligibility.
  • The second part will be the exam and you have 45 minutes to answer and the score will be displayed on your computer screen.
To pass the test, you must answer 20 multiple-choice questions, answer 5 Australian values ​​questions correctly, and achieve an overall mark of at least 75%.
If you fail the test, you can retake the test the same day if possible or rebook the test for another time.
Failing the test does not affect your permanent visa or prevent you from living in Australia under the
“After the examination and after providing the final documents, you will receive a letter stating that your application has been definitively approved and after that you will have to wait for the ceremony itself which will take place within the next six months.”

Jon received his final approval two months after the review and attended the ceremony last August.

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