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Zelenskyy: Ukraine needs a full EU application, not a ‘compromise’

Ukraine must become a candidate in its own right to join the EU, rather than enrolling in the type of antechamber of the enlarged “European political community” proposed by France, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said on Saturday.

In a joint press conference with Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa, Zelenskyy said: “We don’t need alternatives to Ukraine’s candidacy to join the European Union, we don’t need such compromises,” Zelenskyy told reporters in Kyiv at a joint conference. press conference with Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa.

On May 9, French President Emmanuel Macron annoyed Ukraine by suggesting that the country could take “decades” to become a full member of the EU and should instead aspire to join a “European political community”, a sort of antechamber of the European Union.

Among other things, Ukraine would have to meet rigorous governance standards, fight corruption and enforce the rule of law before it can be admitted to EU membership.

Russia invaded Ukraine in February, in part to thwart kyiv’s tilt toward integration with the EU and NATO. But Zelensky insisted on Saturday that his country should be allowed to begin the process of full EU membership.

“Because, believe me, it will not be a compromise with Ukraine in Europe, it will be another compromise between Europe and Russia. I am absolutely sure of that. It is the influence and the pressure political and diplomatic policy of Russian officials and lobbyists on the decision of a European country whether or not to support Ukraine,” he continued.

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