Secrets to business success in times of crisis

Almost all entrepreneurs and businessmen are going through a horrific time due to the pandemic related issues in addition to the economic and political turmoil.

A few of them are lucky as they fight to reach the pinnacle of success despite the turbulent and troublesome times. But, the majority are forced to face arduous tasks to survive. They are currently focused on “cutting costs and reducing expenses”.

Having “light and medium business organizations” may not encourage these organizations to provide comprehensive customer service and support due to limited service staff. Therefore, for them, having “thrilled customers” is a daunting task.

Although cutting costs and reducing expenses is the need of the hour, translating your company’s vision into reality may not help you meet or exceed your expectations in such ventures.

If yes, then what?

I strongly suggest you consider focusing on your “people, tasks, processes, and procedures” in a dynamic, purposeful, and dynamic way.

If you are interested, you can consider evaluating, evaluating, re-evaluating your employees and aligning and realigning them with tasks, processes and procedures accordingly. The surest and best way to manage change is to “create change and change with change” to be number one in the respective industries.

You need to motivate and inspire your employees to do their best in these difficult times.

It is advisable to recruit and train motivated people who have passion, purpose, principles as well as go-getters, high performers and results-oriented people.

These people are like coconut trees. After planting them, you don’t have to worry about them or the results. They also need minimal or no supervision.

On the contrary, if you hire people who are not motivated, they are like the rose bush that needs constant motivation on a daily basis because you have to water and protect the rose bushes frequently.

Whether you want to grow roses or coconut trees is up to you.

Motivation comes from external sources and is temporary. You should take it as a daily bath. While inspiration comes from an internal source and lasts like your breath.

Therefore, you need to hire people that you could inspire and meet or exceed your organizational goals, objectives and values.

Find the right balance

These freshmen could be easily taught and trained to perform well at a “better speed” throughout their careers, bringing revenue and profit to your organization.

However, the possible limitations with them will be lack of experience, wisdom, and better decision-making skills.

For this, you can count on the experience of your senior managers who have “wisdom” but who may not have the “quick” element in terms of action. Therefore, it is suggested to have teams made up of a mix of seniors and newbies who work towards restoring your businesses like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

The role of the manager having become obsolete in organizations, you must promote teamwork and each of the members to have their responsibilities with the assigned leader of the teams. We need leaders because they could turn team members into successes and super performances.

These are the people you can rely on for the success of your business. Your job is not done yet because you must constantly keep working to “retain” these “super performers”.

lessons and secrets

You can consider impressing on your employees that “change is inevitable” and if they want to be number one, they must create change and change with change.

In business, two things are detrimental to growth, success and sustainability.

These are “speed” and “change”. In business, “speed and change are the name of the game”.

You also need to make them understand that “doing the right things right” will make them heroes and “doing the right thing right all the time” will make them “superheroes”. Obviously, when they make mistakes, they shouldn’t get discouraged, rather they should learn from their mistakes and bounce back as quickly as possible.

These are the type of people who could help navigate your businesses through this crisis and into the future.

I hope you will agree with me that ‘mere survival’ in the industry should not be your goal and that ‘cutting costs and cutting expenses’ should not be your only strategies in your businesses.

Rather, you should focus on your people, plans, purpose, passion, tasks, processes and procedures and take steps and actions immediately to be a “rising star” in your respective industries and progress towards achievement. and exceeding your business goals, targets and objectives. values ​​in addition to translating your company’s vision into reality.

You must always ensure that your employees have sharp focus, unwavering commitment, dedication, determination, discipline, devotion to duty, ethics, quality, standards, creativity, innovation, diligence and who will follow your instructions and meet deadlines at the latest. the fixed time.

Recruiting employees, selecting and de-selecting your customers, and retaining people and customers are the order of the day. Believe in yourself, people, products and services in addition to the vision of your organizations. Act now! Explore! Develop! and discover the “world of opportunities and challenges” before you.

The author is a professional communications specialist and pharmaceutical marketing and education consultant.

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