singapore: Removal of restrictions boosts demand for travel to Singapore | Kolkata News

KOLKATA: Demand for travel to Singapore from Kolkata has increased following the shift from bubble flights to scheduled commercial services. This change resulted in the removal of several restrictions such as obtaining a vaccinated laissez-passer (VTP) in addition to the visa and quarantine on arrival for passengers who do not arrive by flights not vaccinated (VTL).
“From just 30-35% occupancy in early March, Singapore Airlines’ daily flight is now at 70-80% load. Encouraged by demand, IndiGo Airlines has requested a daily flight to Singapore from mid-April An airline official said Singapore Airlines operates an Airbus A 350-900 with 150 economy class seats and 10 business class seats.
Singapore Airlines was one of the first carriers to return to Kolkata when they resumed daily flights from November 29, 2019. While flights to Kolkata initially saw good loads, people living there eventually got the opportunity to travel, the return flight went badly due to several conditions that were in place, including the requirement for a travel pass and quarantine on arrival.
“Until March, Singapore Airlines did not operate VTL flight from Kolkata. This resulted in passengers traveling to Delhi to catch Singapore Airlines VTL flight as it exempted them from quarantine upon arrival in Singapore So the flight from Kolkata had hardly any charges,” recounted travel agent Manav Soni.
That changed with the return of scheduled flight status from April 1 after more than two years. Passengers can now travel freely without having to worry about obtaining a ticket. “An RT-PCR test taken 48 hours before travel and a vaccination certificate is all that is needed to fly to Singapore now. With Singapore now issuing an e-visa that offers multiple entries for two years, it is also becoming a sought-after destination like Thailand for holidaymakers,” Soni added.
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