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Naracoorte Rotarians are expanding around the world to attract new members among Afghans in the war-torn Middle East. The club welcomes new members who want to join its fight for Afghan friends in Naracoorte and Afghanistan. Club president Judy Stafford has been very busy in recent weeks, writing letters on behalf of the club to Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Barker member Tony Pasin, urging them to help resettle Afghan refugees in Australia and offering their support. She said the club wanted to help not only the local Afghan community, but also loved ones still trapped in Afghanistan. things we should be doing, ”she said. “I think Rotary’s job is to help people find peace and that’s a small way we can help. Moreover, there is only one general humanitarian concern for the Afghan people – this what they are facing is terrible. ”That is why we ‘I wrote these letters. Ms. Stafford said the Rotary Club of Naracoorte is happy to support all Afghan migrants who are currently in the community or who may settle in the area. She encouraged other locals who want to do something to support the Afghan community to write letters to their local members asking them to do more for those who currently live and work in Australia and their families. In the letter to Prime Minister Scott Morrison, she urged the Australian government to redouble its efforts to resettle refugees from Afghanistan. In response to the Prime Minister’s response, he said the Australian government was working hard and would continue to provide security for the Afghan residents who had helped the government. The government’s priority has been to ensure the safe and orderly departure of our citizens, permanent residents and visa holders, including former Afghan locally recruited employees and their families, “the letter said.” I know it exists. deep concern for the safety and well-being of the many Afghans who have worked alongside Australian soldiers, diplomats and aid workers over the past two decades. Please know that we continue to do our utmost to help those who have supported us, as we have been doing for many years. ”He also stated that Afghan temporary visa holders will be supported and will not be invited to return to Afghanistan until the security situation remains dire. For residents of Naracoorte who wish to help but do not know what to do, South East advocate Rhett McDonald said there were two things the residents could doing to help right here in Naracoorte. “There are two things that I think have had an impact and the first is advocacy,” he said. to say “I think your cause is worth something” means that they are validated for the reasons they fled and to see that the guy next to them, who has never seen or experienced it, actually agrees with me. living and working in Australia and their famil les is to advocate for the granting of visas and citizenship. for the visa which has been in progress for eight years, ”he said. “Some of these people are Australian citizens – I have a few Australian citizens who have been waiting for visas for six years and nothing is happening. He encouraged those who wished to help advocate for the granting of visas to consult with the local Afghan community for advice on writing letters to local MPs and government agencies. In addition to taking up the pen, Mr McDonald said there was a great need to support our Afghan friends and neighbors here in town. “There is something else that is important and that is the fact that the people of Naracoorte can offer their condolences for their country, offer prayers for their country and thoughts and hugs,” he said. “It has an impact on these people. A lot of them suffer in silence – they have a tremendous level of dignity and respect and don’t want to bother and don’t want to impose on people. It’s something they hold. really loud. “They don’t often reach out, not because they don’t need to, but because they don’t want to bother.”



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