Tourism in the Czech Republic marks a significant improvement in the first quarter of this year

More than 2.8 million visitors were accommodated in hotels and guesthouses in the Czech Republic during the first quarter of this year, according to data provided by the Statistical Office of the Czech Republic (CSO).

These figures show that there has been a marked increase of about ten times in the number of visitors compared to statistics for the same period last year, reports

The data provided by the CSO also shows that the number of tourists has started to increase, following the abolition of travel restrictions and other measures imposed by governments to stop the spread of the Coronavirus and its new strains.

Moreover, the figures show that about a third of them were visitors from other countries, while the number of domestic guests staying at the establishments was 1.9 million.

The number of overnight stays in accommodation establishments increased by 643.0%, which means that after the lifting of restrictions related to COVID-19, accommodation services are slowly returning to normal.

The number of visitor nights in accommodation establishments reached 7.9 million overnight stays in the first quarter of this year, marking a sevenfold increase compared to the same period last year.

At the same time, the report shows that the number of overnight stays by residents was higher compared to the figures for the first quarter of 2019, before the spread of the Coronavirus and its new variants.

“Over this period, 2.8 million visitors arrived in collective accommodation establishments, ten times more than the previous year. In addition, the number of travelers from abroad increased sixteenfold, as well as the number of domestic guests accommodated significantly more than last year,” The director of the Department of Trade, Transport, Services, Tourism and Environmental Statistics of the CZSO, Marie Boušková, underlined.

As early as 2 million arrivals were accommodated in hotels, marking a significant increase. At the same time, guesthouse arrivals accounted for a total of 17% of the volume of the number of visitors, and the share of other accommodation establishments amounted to 11% of accommodated guests.

“The number of visitors to collective accommodation establishments has increased significantly compared to the previous year; however, the basis for comparison is weak due to last year’s pandemic restrictions. Accommodation exits in the first quarter did not reach the volumes of 2019 by far, mainly foreign customers are still missing”, The head of the CZSO’s tourism and environment statistics unit, Pavel Vančura, said.

The largest number of international guests came from Germany, Slovakia and Poland.

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