UAE visa overstay fines reduced from Dh100 to Dh50 per day

Tourists who stay beyond the validity of their visa will pay a reduced fine of Dh50 per day instead of Dh100, authorities said.

However, if it is found that he exceeds the period of stay while he holds a residence permit, the penalty is increased from 25 Dh per day to 50 Dh.

The changes have been in effect since the entry into force of the new rules on visas for entry and stay in the UAE on October 3.

Previously, the penalty was calculated based on the type of visa that had expired.

“The new system has unified the amount of overstay fines at Dh50 per day for any type of visa violator,” said a spokesperson for the Federal Authority for Identity, Citizenship, Customs and port security.

“Payment of overstay fine can be paid either by visiting happiness centers or online through authority website and smart app.”

Days spent requesting documents or updating information are included in the number of days accumulating the fine.

If a visa renewal application is initiated but the correct documents are not uploaded within 30 days, or if the wrong documents are uploaded more than three times, the application is canceled and a new one must be initiated.

Residency visa holders have a six-month grace period to leave the country or change status once the permit is canceled or expires. Beyond that, it becomes a crime to stay in the UAE and an arrest can be made.

For expired visit visas, the offender can be arrested after 30 days without visa renewal. Inspection campaigns are regularly carried out to catch offenders.

New UAE visa rules that came into effect last month allow holidaymakers to stay for 60 days at a time.

The decision to make all entry visas valid for 60 days from the date of issue ― double the previous allowance ― is part of a series of visa changes approved by Cabinet in April.

Previously, there was no specific visa for tourists and those wishing to visit the United Arab Emirates applied for 30, 60 or 90 day visit visas.

One, two and three month entry permits are still available on a new visa, but mainly for people wishing to visit friends or relatives in the country, which requires documentary evidence proving the relationship and the reasons for the visit.

All entry visas are available for single or multiple entries and can be renewed for an additional 60 days.

Updated: 05 November 2022, 05:43

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