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All eligible applicants and their families can now benefit from the services provided in conjunction with the Abu Dhabi Residents Office

Posted: Sun Oct 31, 2021, 12:53 PM

The Masdar City Free Zone is now facilitating the process and submitting gold visas for all eligible applicants and their families, authorities said.

In collaboration with Abu Dhabi Residents Office (ADRO), a division recently launched by the Abu Dhabi Economic Development Department (ADDED), the Masdar City Free Zone is already working to promote the Golden Visa to eligible applicants in eligible sectors. , in particular investors, entrepreneurs, specialized talents, researchers in various fields of science and knowledge and students with promising scientific capacities.

ADRO is dedicated to helping new residents settle in Abu Dhabi and supports the integration and harmonization of expatriates with local culture and society.

Abdulla Balalaa, Executive Director of Masdar City, praised the role of the Abu Dhabi Residents’ Office in strengthening Abu Dhabi’s position as a leading global hub that continues to promote economic diversification, the empowerment of global talent and support for the sustainable development of the emirate.

“The Golden Visa is particularly relevant for the city of Masdar, as it is the region’s center for research and development of innovations and technologies focused on sustainable development. Attracting, retaining and producing the world’s best talent in these key industries is a fundamental driver for achieving a more sustainable and prosperous future for all, ”said Balalaa.

“We currently have over 900 companies that benefit from the city’s unique ecosystem in education, R&D, tech startups, incubators and businesses. It also provides a strategic base through which companies can build their networks, explore multiple investment opportunities and test new technologies. “

He added, “So Masdar City serves as a hub for the types of researchers, investors, entrepreneurs and students, all in specialist fields, who could qualify for a Golden Visa in Abu Dhabi. Our Masdar City Free Zone team has already processed multiple Golden Visas and looks forward to welcoming eligible applicants at the Free Zone Single Window office in Masdar City, or remotely via online, phone or e-mail. mail, where they can get all the advice and services they need, ”added Balalaa. .


The Golden Visa allows foreigners to live, work and study in the United Arab Emirates without the need for a national sponsor and will be issued for five or 10 years and renewed automatically. The new long-term residence visa system was introduced in the United Arab Emirates in 2019.

Sameh Al Qubaisi, Executive Director – Executive Affairs Office at ADDED, said, “Masdar City’s position as an R&D-driven business center makes it an ideal partner for the promotion of the Golden Visa. Masdar City is home to an assertive culture of innovation, an organization in which the most creative and enterprising organizations and minds conduct truly pioneering work in AI, clean energy, healthcare. , transport, green building, energy storage and food security. The ingenuity and spirit of this work underscores Abu Dhabi’s status as a destination where world-class innovators come together to develop the cutting-edge technologies of the future. “

“Launched to foster a welcoming and inclusive society for all, the Abu Dhabi Residents’ Office is committed to providing support to the emirate’s thriving international community. Whether it’s offering smart services or advice and access to a business ecosystem in the midst of each person who has made their home in Abu Dhabi, enabling them to realize their potential and contribute to the advancement of the emirate May so many people and families be looking forward to settling in Abu Dhabi and seeing what it has to offer is a testament to the standard of living and quality of life in We hope to help more people enjoy the high standards, safety and lifestyle for which Abu Dhabi is recognized, ”added Al Qubaisi.

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