VCS would not attend 2021 Worlds due to visa and COVID issues

It was a difficult year for the Vietnamese League of Legends fans, who have not been able to see their representatives playing in international tournaments throughout the 2021 season. And now the region will not participate in the 2021 World Championship, according to a report from This would be confirmed by Riot Games after the event venues were announced.

Riot recently announced that the world team is making the difficult decision to move the Worlds from their original host location in China to Europe. Riot’s global esports manager John Needham said that with the spread of the Delta variant across the world, it had become “extremely difficult to ensure that qualified teams and their best players would be in. able to attend the world championships ”.

Due to this decision, however, VCS representatives have reportedly encountered problems obtaining visas to enter Europe at this time. also said the current situation surrounding COVID-19 in the country is causing problems for the teams.

It comes just after the league was forced to cancel its 2021 Summer Split due to several reported issues, including the league’s “no [receiving] a license to organize an online competition for the summer ”, as well as contractual problems between League editor, Garena and Riot. But it was also reported that Riot had considered sending both the defending VCS GAM Esports champions and the Saigon Buffalo finalists to the world championships.

If the announcement is made, it will be the third consecutive international tournament that the VCS has missed, stretching back to the 2020 World Championship. COVID-19 has put an obstacle to their chances of representing Vietnam at some of the biggest stages of professional life League and deliver more memorable matches to fans around the world.

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