Video of woman teasing Ghanaians after obtaining her visa to travel abroad sparks many reactions Ghana news

  • Lady sparked massive reactions online as she mocked Ghanaians as she boarded a plane
  • She teased that as she was about to join the flight, she knew there were people picking oranges and struggling to get a visa.
  • Internet users who saw the video decided to call his vocabulary instead

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A video of a lady mocking her compatriots as she got on a flight drew widespread comments.

In the video seen by on Ameyaw Debrah’s verified Facebook page, she was heard to say that she was lucky enough to have a visa and was about to board the ship. ‘a plane, but she knows there are people picking oranges. somewhere in Ghana.

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Still, sarcastically, she added that she was sure someone was now having a hard time getting a visa to travel.

Lady teases Ghanaians as she gets on plane
Lady, Accra Airport Photo credit: Arkadiusz Warguła / Getty Images
Source: Getty Images

The video garnered over 1,000 reactions with almost 400 comments.

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It seems that in retaliation, some Ghanaians chose to call his poor vocabulary.

A few of the comments have been listed below;

Obi-Yaa Quansah commented:

It’s so sad that lately some people have made it seem like traveling to the land of the white man is the best thing in the world .. Sad! ‍♀️

From Bernard Enchil Essel:

You go abroad with your eyes dey nsawab) de3 inside .eii bibini

Abiba Ismaila Adams replied:

Kofu praine wai na Nipa so y3 di3n …. My Sunday morning is on a whole new level …. lmao

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Agyeiwaa Okordie wrote:

Those who say praine praine, you are all jealous of her … you would like to be in her place, that’s why you laugh at her out of shame … whether prane or plane when she said you did not understand it?

Watch the full video linked below; reported earlier that a businessman said he shed tears after taking his grandmother on her first flight.

Jeremy DamarisMc captured the entire trip on his YouTube channel, from boarding a flight at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) to vacationing in Mombasa.

According to Jeremey, he did not inform her of their destination.

“She has no idea where I’m taking her,” he said as they arrived at JKIA.


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