WATCH: Dimples Romana gives daughter Callie a surprise visit to Australia

Actress and entrepreneur Dimples Romana paid a surprise visit to her daughter Callie who is studying aviation in Australia.

The celebrity mum shared on her Instagram page today, July 19, her emotional reunion with her daughter through a short video.

“@callieahmee is my firstborn, my rock, my anchor,” Romana said. “And ever since she left for college and stayed here in Australia, I’ve been homesick for not seeing her, plus terrible postpartum blues pa. @papaboyetonline knows it. Ganito din ako nun kay Alonzo (I’m also like that with Alonzo). But he’s so good at handling my postpartum blues for me.

Romana has come to terms with the fact that it will be a while before she sees Callie because her son Alonzo goes to a big school and she has just given birth to baby Elio.

“But the Lord knows how much my heart yearns to be with her. And he heard my silent prayers,” she said.

Romana recalled that they were waiting for her husband, @papaboyetonline, to get his AUS visa.

“Pero natatagalan (But it took a long time to come) and there’s really nothing we can do about it,” she explained.

Until early last week, finally, she got a phone call saying it was her visa that came out first.

“And Ate Callie was due to have her first flight practice two days later. So we decided I was flying first (but of course I can’t stay long, leaving na din in a few days for my boys) but ultimately we didn’t want Ate to feel that way, just because a lot happened in Manila for our new family, she was no longer a priority and we can’t be there for her in the same way way that we always were when she was little until she left for college,” she said.

Romana also explained that her daughter is the type not to talk about her needs, so she, as a parent, makes sure she is sensitive to the needs of her children, whether they talk about it or not, to take care of herself. ensuring that no one would feel left out.

“Sacrifices have been made by being away from each other, but overall, as @callieahmee would say at the end of every day, ‘thank you for TODAY’,” she quoted her daughter.

Romana’s daughter left for Australia last March. J.B.


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