Woolworths Group partners with Retail Supply Chain Alliance to support horticulture workers

Employees in the horticulture industry will benefit from a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed by Woolworths Group and the Retail Supply Chain Alliance this week, which will see the organizations working together to protect the welfare of Australian workers.

The Retail Supply Chain Alliance is a partnership between the Transport Workers’ Union (TWU); Australian Workers Union (AWU); and Union of Workshop, Distribution and Allied Employees (SDA).

The MoU partners will work to promote the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of decent work and gender equality across the industry, supporting work not only fair, but rewarding for Australia’s essential horticultural workers.

The groups will collaborate on worker education initiatives and industry engagement, including forums and workshops in key growing regions to raise awareness of the challenges and promote positive outcomes for all workers. The practices of third-party labor leasing companies and increased transparency will be central to the objectives of the MoU.

AWU National Secretary Dan Walton said, “Consumers want ethically sourced products and farm workers want fair pay for a fair day’s work. “This agreement will go a long way to promoting fair and ethical conditions for pickers, packers and other fruit and vegetable supply workers across Australia.”

TWU National Secretary Michael Cain said: “The Retail Supply Chain Alliance and Woolworths are totally committed to ending all forms of worker exploitation in the retail supply chain. Labor providers will be a focus as we aim to increase the visibility and consistency of the experience of foreign workers, who play a vital role in the country’s horticulture industry.

SDA National Secretary Gerard Dwyer said: “Members of the Retail Supply Chain Alliance want to create a more transparent supply chain, one that champions the well-being of everyone who works in it, in partnership with farmers, unions, industry groups and governments.

“We are committed to a safe, sustainable, ethical and fair system in which no worker, regardless of employment status, citizenship or visa status, needs fear of exploitation, wage theft, bullying, sexual harassment, dangerous work or modern slavery. »

Alex Holt, Woolworths Group Sustainability Director, said: “This is an important step as we strive to partner with all levels of the horticultural industry to promote fair conditions for workers whose our country depends.

“Australian farmers work hard to feed families across the country and are valued partners in this work to support the experience of pickers, packers and other workers in sourcing fruit and vegetables.

“We know there is still progress to be made, and as part of our new partnership with the Alliance, we look forward to deepening our engagement with workers, labor suppliers, farmers and policymakers to create better experiences for the people who help deliver great Australian products.”

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